In the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, sitting right in the middle of the Tri-State region, Greene County gives you land, air and water access to all the places you want to do business.




Building On Our Strengths

As we celebrate and expand on our energy heritage, the leadership of Greene County is quick to realize that our most abundant energy resource flows through our people. That’s why the county is focused on six pillars to strengthen the community: Mobility, Infrastructure & Transportation, Workforce & Education, Business & Industry, Quality of Life, Grow & Protect Assets, and Local Government. Our 10-year plan will help us be a better partner, and a better community, by allowing us to focus on our strengths.

drilling rig at sunset
gas well workers

Space To Leave Your Mark

While we lead the way in the reinvigorated Pennsylvania energy industry, Greene County has plenty of room for you. Pick the size you need. Pick the location you need. And we can find the space to accommodate you today – and as you grow.

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